Guest rooms in Geneva

  • Emma Guest rooms in Geneva
    EMMA THE SWEETEST GUEST ROOM! “Emma” is a dazzlingly bright and charming room. As soon as you enter, you’ll head right away to peer out of one of the two windows, which offer a unique view! To your left, Mr. Château, and to your right, Mrs. Countryside. This room is sure to offer you a calm, romantic ambiance.
    CHF 160.00 per night
  • Ryan Guest rooms in Geneva
    RYAN THE COZIEST GUEST ROOM! “Ryan” is a “cozy nest” filled with soft touches. It achieves perfect harmony between the gentle light and the bold, patterned décor. The room is located in the guest house, in the former barn. At any time, you can go relax in the lofted living space and sip on an aperitif or a coffee and recharge.
    CHF 160.00 per night
  • Navid Guest rooms in Geneva
    NAVID THE GUEST ROOM WITH THE BEST VIEW! “Navid” is the corner room in this little slice of heaven, with a breathtaking, panoramic view over the fields and grape vines. The lighting is soft and calming. The room’s vintage décor, perfectly restored and with lots of patterns, is a perfect blend. The dominant white tones are balanced with touches of brown to give the room some pizzazz!
    CHF 160.00 per night
  • Kiara Guest rooms in Geneva
    KIARA THE CLOSEST GUEST ROOM! “Kiara” is a cozy guest room with stylish shades of gray. Its high ceiling, with a rustic beam through the middle, gives plenty of room to let in the light and fresh air. Kiara is the very first room in the guest house, in the former barn. It offers a soft, gentle ambiance; a luxurious retreat.
    CHF 160.00 per night
  • Alicia Guest rooms in Geneva
    ALICIA THE MOST ROMANTIC GUEST ROOM! “Alicia” is an exceptional guest room: spacious, bright, with pretty pink pastel tones! The room is constantly bathed in light. Each of its five windows look out on a vibrant country scenery. The room is located at the back of the guest house, in the former barn. It has a private bathroom with a soaker tub - perfect for a romantic getaway!
    CHF 180.00 per night
  • Benicio Guest rooms in Geneva
    BENICIO THE MOST ROGUISH GUEST ROOM! “Benicio” is an uncommon room with plenty of zest thanks to its cute-but-ferocious décor! This room has a private sitting area with a TV and lots of leather finishes. You will love this spacious guest room and will leave with fond memories of a luxuriously comfortable bed.
    CHF 180.00 per night

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